Mahatma Gandhi

This site is dedicated for all Spiritual Warriors of the Absolute Truth and Divine Justice in this age of Karmageddon.  In this millennium, the shift in consciousness and higher vibration creates the awareness and disharmony which separates the spiritual messengers of Cosmic Intelligence from the darkness of organized evil.  The lawless courts have betrayed us by ruling upon the injustice of self-greed and by corruption at the expense of our children. The deceptive information sold by the media has become a propaganda tool for the Dark Side and targets the uninformed masses who trust the reality we were sold throughout history, our schools, our leaders, and even religion.  It creates the war between family friends and nations, with the mission to Divide and Conquer.  This site is dedicated to the legally kidnapped children of Debjit Rudra, aka Dave Rudra and his war to save them from the injustice of the lawless Family Courts.  Please visit Karmageddon and support our cause and restore Divine Justice here on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Save our Children from the corruption and exploitation of organized evil.