As this era of technological development, has become integrated into our daily lives, we are facing an uncharted future of rapid change and unforeseen challenges, science and comfort has led to the disconection of spirittual reality.  Windows Universe is a Non-Profit Nexus for Spiritual Warriors to seek balance through non-denominational spiritual exploration of Divine principles from the ancient Vedic Scriptures, where all wisdom, knowledge, truth and hollistic solutions keep us firmly rooted.  Throughout history these principals have become the foundations of all religious teachings, and spoken by the proqhets of all religion, the Spritual Warriors before us.


Windows Universe non-profit organization with a mission to establish the Dawn of a Spiritual Renassaince where all Spiritual Warriors can find awareness, truth, and all knowledge exists without prejucice and equally to us all.  


Spiritual enlightnement is pursued by many, but not well understood by all.  The concept of Mind, Body, Spirit can be further explored and understood from the hollsitic teachings and practices maintained throughout time by the sages from all religious denominations, philosophical traditions, cutlures or lineage.  


There is only one truth, that which all life is in pursuit from the moment their soul manifest into being.  Through the Universe, we provide the windows to all seeking the balance to the material world and to conquer all challenges, conflicts and fear within. Through the sprititual warrior, source of all exists as we establish our nexus for Truth, Knnowledge, Love and Bliss.  


Vision Coming Soon

May 5, 2015​

Patience is a Virtue